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Discover a world of tranquil escapes and serene retreats that redefine island living. Experience the unique blend of traditional Greek hospitality and modern luxury with Petinos’ Resorts of Mykonos. Let us redefine your Mykonos experience with comfortable amenities and exceptional hospitality, offering you an array of exclusive sanctuaries.


More than Gastronomy
You're invited to a gastronomical celebration of high aesthetics.

Talented chefs that weave magic with every ingredient bring out a symphony of tastes in a unique ambiance of island opulence.
The source of Regeneration
Inhale the aroma of serenity & rebirth from the inside.

Discover an aquatic haven of healing, reconnect with yourself,
and experience the pinnacle of luxurious relaxation.
Orchestrating heartwarming & Inspiring events
Spark your dynamic creativity or embark on the romantic journey of "forever".

Celebrations of life's milestones & corporate achievements are adorned with dazzle and magnificence.
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